We are a part of the Newfrontiers family of churches. Within this family, there are over 1000 churches in 65 nations. We have a passionate commitment to build the church according to New Testament principles, and on the foundations of the Ephesians 4 ministries of apostles, prophets, pastors and teachers. We also believe that the most effective form of evangelism is worked out from strong local churches. Churches where each member participates; the gifts of the Spirit are outworked; where there is joy in caring for one another; where people are restored into a loving relationship with God; where there is a desire to make a difference in society and help people in need.

Newfrontiers has developed into a collection of churches around the world broken into different ‘spheres’. Mosaic Community Church and the other churches in New Zealand a part of the Catalyst Network of Churches within Newfrontiers.

We have a number of other churches in New Zealand: